Find answers to your questions:

  • How can I get information?

You can connect online via our customer support assistant.

  • What industries do you specialize in?

We specialized in many industries related to the IT.

  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Legal services
  • Media & entertainment
  • Advertising & branding
  • Marketing
  • Business solutions
  • Banking and investments


  • How can we trust that your work is good?

The answer is… you can contact s at anytime and visit to our head office at anytime. Then you can come and check our previous projects that we have done it so far. And also our sample projects. We cannot send them via online because the file are too big to send it.

  • What are the benefits we can get from your organization?

Actually there are lot of benefits to you by choosing as your IT solution company.

Timeliness- we do our projects before the ending date. We always handle a project according to a timeline. If we are not able to cover the project on time we contact our customer for anextension.

Budget- we have an estimate budget for our projects. If it is go beyond the estimated budget we inform it to our client.

Performance- we perform it very innovative and creative ideas using all out IT knowledge and solutions to do make our project success.

Profitable- we make your into business projects and we convert them to make profits for u and we are responsible for u to make it maximization, and to get highest reached in social media too.

We provide many business solutions and ideas to you to expand your business more and more.

  • How do I update my project?

Actually there many ways to update your project using many tools and methods. Our team is glad to advise you on the new features or changes to be made to your project. If you wish to discuss with us we are very happy to help you on that task. We can select what is most suitable change to your project.

We can also provide an online guide to you which you can add products, features, services,technologies to your project. Actually we have built up this projects to handle individually, and it provides you to do all the changes as you want.

If you wish we can add more databases and upload images or videos to your project if you want. Or else we can add more functionalities to your project as well.

  • Are there hidden costs related to your project?

No we already discuss with our clients about the estimation budget and the overall cost for the whole project. So if we want any additional charges we definitely inform to the client in detail. We don’t hide anything from our customers. We are always responsive to our customers foe any situation.

  • Can I see who has reached it?

Yeas you can see it we have created a web tracking software so you can easily get the information after analyzed the data.


  • What will I do if there is an error when installing the application?

If there is an installation error you have to go to the settings of the application check it again or reload the page. Id it not works you have to contact our team to get help. We have implemented some settings to solve such issues when installing the software.


  • What is a mobile application?

It is a program which has developed to use on mobile devises. There are mainly two mobile platforms Android and iOS these platforms have two different software. Android has the google play store to download the apps. And iOS has App store to download the apps to any mobile device.

  • When will I see my project you are developed for?

You can get all the updates step by step regularly as daily report through the processors. It depends according to your requirements. So we are expecting a feedback from you at the end of the day. Because customer satisfaction is very important for us.

  • Do you have any experience with developing API?

Yes, our all projects are developed with a base of API layer.


  • Is your infrastructure secure?

We can’t guaranty that we all are fully secured. But for certain level we have done our best to our software development projects oriented with security options, tools, technologies and methods have been used to get the utmost privacy and security to the overall application.


  • What’s you approach to disaster recovery?

For the time being we have never faces with such a situation but we have our backup recovery process 24 hours. It will take to finish the process less than a 24 hours. We perform nightly backups usually.

  • Do you have experience with cloud hosting?

Yes we have, our private way of cloud hosting. We have the software that we are currently manage our client’s applications. We host thousands of application on a daily basis. Uptime in our production process we have never faced any issue so far.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

We are not like other companies, we just focused on the task and to find out the best solutions and owning- projects.

We’re best for such type of work as following:

  • Project turnarounds and rescues
  • Legacy takeover and remodels
  • Dedicated software team- fractional software department
  • Boosting existing teams

We don’t do the following:

  • Contract- to hire engagements
  • Build to spec
  • Just development or just testing



  • How will I fill the contact form?

Below our website there is a customer feedback form. You have to insert all your requested personal details and fill the form and submit to us.


  • How you will response?

We have a quick spot on responding method with us after submit your form we have an automatically response message it will receive to you. After that within office hours you will get a response from us for any question you will be asked. We have adatabase it stores all the information of our clients, visitors of our website.