• Mobile development (android+iOS)

We provide our customers Android+ is mobile platform application development experience. Android platforms are becoming newer day by day in this modern technological world. It consisting with these sub services also.

Mobile strategy

We use proven methods using the primary and secondary data research. We do the product design. We also make your business better according to the market challenges, and product positioning.

App development

We constantly working together as a team to build up the application system. We develop them as per the customer requirements. We build up any mobile platforms like Android and iOS mobile platforms.


  • Web designing

We create the web for you with a branded and unique way. Which you can make a good target audience and it is the essence of a successful online branding strategy. We use the most experienced tools such as:- Adobe flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, CorelDraw and other HTML, animations and image editors. We design them using hand-coded and SEO friendly. Our company always look forward to built and delivered solutions for successful businesses.

We do responsive web designs for your business purposes. We design them according to a size like mobile phone, laptop, PC, or tablet your website will look like as clean and perfect website to you.

  • QA & Testing

We offer our customers well combined QA process with the testing formats. We do them according to a methodology. We have done lot of challengeable projects on time and with a good budget.

Managed testing services

When we do a project we do the testing process end-to end testing service which the project is been tested in each stage of the project life cycle. And make them more valuable to you from start to end of the project.


QA consulting

We provide you the most needed service for your project. QA processors and methodologies, workload rising, we help you to detect and address any errors of your project using many QA strategies, assessments, QA project audits etc.

Quality Assessments

We offer from different angles, comprehensive product audits. It consisting the performance, code solutions, functionality and usability etc. so the customers get finally a details project report mentioning all the issues and the recommendations with how we solved all the issues.

Software testing services

The following testing of the software we do on your humble request.

  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Security testing


  • SEO

It is very difficult to keep an eye on analytical on your website. But using the correct tools customer able to monitor their web presence and how the online user actually approaches the customer’s online presence. To make this more useful to them we have added some more features to your applications as follows:

  • Total number of Visits
  • Total number of Visits / pages
  • Average visit duration
  • % of new visits
  • Bounce Rates

Online pattern behavior will be analyzed it for u as follows:

  • Demographics
  • Keywords
  • Behavior
  • Technology
  • Mobile
  • Visitor flow
  • Browser
  • Operating System of the online user’s machine
  • The screen resolution.

We offer you an SEO full package to enable it to your application development task. This package includes all other SEO services and features such as: SEO analysis, SEO content writing, SEO keyword researching, Professional link building and other analysis tasks for your request.

We provide you a final project report in SEO analyzing to make your business expand more and more opening the doors to create new ways, build up new innovations, ideas, concepts and researches regarding the project that we build it for you.



There are various type of technologies that spread over modern IT world. Different platforms are available and the options too. The technologies that we provide for our customers were based on what we have identified as more powerful in features of compatibility, scalability, performance, timeliness ease of use and most concerned about the cost effectiveness.

We have the ability and a range of platforms to develop technological-oriented based which is very creative and modern.


  • Java (EE/SE)
  • C# (.NET)
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Phython
  • Ruby+ and more…


  • Quartz
  • .NET
  • AngularJs
  • ReactJs
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony
  • Django
  • Cocoa touch


  • Oracle
  • Ms SQL server
  • MySQL
  • postgreSQL
  • IBM DB2 and more….


  • Windows(MS)
  • Linux
  • OSX
  • iOS
  • Android etc…

Cloud services

  • MS Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon web services


  • VMware

Business consulting

Our business consulting practice was built to give an assists to our clients crafts and to emerge the technological trends, for innovative, creative digital transformation build-ups. Our main approach is to balance the inner and outer view with the IT landscape. We bring our customers value- added experience.

  • Creative digital experience capabilities

We help to transform your business end-end perspective.

  • Agile delivery process

We help to execute the lean development

  • Deliver best in class solutions

From strategy to execution, rapid prototyping, based by the data driven thinking concept

Our true partners and loyalty advisors are ready to help you to revolutionize your enterprise.

We understand your imperatives and we know the need of the shift from the traditional, single-perspective approach of ‘expert advice consultuncy’planning innovative solutions that are fast and effective and enable change through effective build-up.



Block chain

We provide more creative applications, expectationing high quality trends like IOT and AI. We provide the block chain service to allow enterprises to build their own networks and smart applications.

This services offers included:

  • Global breaker
  • Leakage management




Data driven cloud

Cloud computing has opened the doors to enormous data processing capacity which is included the powering data science, IOT solutions etc.

We have already built industry and technology oriented data driven cloud solutions such as:

  • Business processors
  • Image recognitions
  • Object detection
  • Name entity extraction
  • Fraud intrusion detection
  • Ingestion platform


Cloud based internet of things IOT

Cloud based intelligent provide an insight to your physical asserts. Our platform is well managed, secured and ingest IOT data from vast number of physical sensors. Proper security, scalability, process orientation and real-time data visualization, Al based business insights provided by our platform…It helps decision-making, understanding processors.






Digital process automation

Step one ahead to adapt a change your business

Rapid change and modernization of the business disruption have businesses equivalent for more as a result, it is essential to invariably monitor and change businesses processors to activate latest and better business models and concepts.

Digital transformation consists of new technologies such as: – machine teaching Al, IOT. “Fail-fast “culture and rapid prototyping required in the business processors.

Digital transformation convergence can deliver agility process development. Organizations identifies the latest trends sooner or later, it will help them to achieve their final business outcomes easily.


  • Accelerated solution design

It’s a methodology which is collaborative, structured approach to rapid solution development.




  • Agile techniques
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Collaborative working to speed alignment


  • Design thinking based
  • our technology, industry, UXD, and consulting expertise
  • Structured analysis phase


  • Customer / user experience centric
  • Visually oriented (e.g. Graphic Facilitation)



Provider life cycle management

This platform ill handle the digital transformation of the network management and the provider. Organizations at payers. Platform modernizes the intake of details. It enables signature capabilities via the contracting process, it provides an Omni channel approach to access information, user-centered design with innovative UI/UX, and also internally and externally it increases the user adoption.