Collecting information for the appropriate business

To serve you better, we ask you to submit your personal details for the business purpose and to get a feedback experience. When you are posting personal information that is full responsibility is with you. We are always very responsive to you by providing the services such as: latest updates, new products, new services/features or any tools/techniques that is important to your business needs.

Use of cookies

“Cookie “is a piece of text that is sent to your browser from the web server. It appears when you give access to a website. The benefit of having a cookie is, you don’t have to keep entering a password more than once if you are accessing to a site frequently. It helps to analyze additional features and the site usage. Sets can be set a cookie to remember the site for your easiness.

Processing purposes

We gather data to track the unauthorized access or attempt of access. Fault detection tracking, malfunctions of the system rectifications, legally it is based under the law of Art 6.para 1GDPR. Purpose of the process is to build up a secure connection with the security.

Third party disclosure

We can share your personal details among our agents, contractors or partners of the organization along with their performance or from their services. These agents, contractors or the business partners of the company is highly restricted on using these personal details of the customers, except for a service, business activity that they have to perform or service that they are associated with the business. As example, provide your information to agents, partners or to the contractors for the data hosting process, as they are hosting the databases. So that our team be able to mail their personal information which customer has been requested. You have your rights to remove your information from any list at any time.

Our company reserves all the copyrights to share your personal information on authorization requests of governmental authorities or where needed by the law. The company reserves all the copyrights to share our company databases or visitors and customers with suitable government based authorities.

Permitted by the law, we distribute your personal information to third party in connection with the sale, transfer of the business of this website which the information related. You have to agree for our privacy policy to treat your personal information.


We have to disclosure your personal if any illegal activity, suspected fraud or situations to prevent or taken actions. Legal investigations or any such process will be carried out for the safety of our website and physical safety of the person.


IP addresses

Whenever you access to a computer and IP address is assigned to your computer. It is a unique address. It allows your computer’s server to identify and communicate with another. For IT security purposes these IP addresses are been recorded. This information used in performance analysis and to contact website trends.

Web beacons

It’s a small image on a web page that can be collect certain information from an individual’s computer. (Ex: IP address) we use only web beacons according to certain applicable laws. It provide the time viewed by the content, a browser type, track the effectiveness of a third party web sites which provides us job offers and marketing services.

We use them to manage cookies, record an illegal visit from your IP address, but the cookie information will not be recorded.

Security of privacy

We have information security associated policies and procedures. To prevent from misuse, destruction, data loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access these policies will be applied to secure the personal information of the customers. These who wants to take the information, they should know the limitations and also to maintain their confidentiality of the information. Personal details were kept until the necessary to comply with an individual’s request to ask to delete the information.


Any customer/visitor can be submitted their personal information to our website under any circumstances, his/her has the right to access the data to correct any mistakes. Customer can make a request to update or remove information by contacting to our mail address. We are always make our effort to make reasonable services to obey with the request. Because it is under the applicable law and professional standards.